The CDP is located in the Inner City, in the Greater Ellis Park Precinct. It is a socio-economically depressed community that faces many survival and social interaction challenges. It is one of the oldest immigrant and migrant suburbs in Johannesburg populating sub-Saharan and Africa immigrants and refugees.

There are four particular contributions that the CDP makes for the community:

  • The children
  • The refugee and immigrants/local residents
  • Community Building - Lanterns Festival
  • The physical environment

The Children:

The Refugees and Immigrants/Local Residents:

Many children are on the streets after school, some till late in the afternoons as parents or caregivers are working. When funding is available, the CDP runs arts projects for groups of school going children. They come to the Centre once a week, have a meal, and involve themselves in creative activities and much joy. The children never stop coming!

The CDP runs Art as Economic Liberation programmes once per year for a minimum of three weeks. Unemployed women from the community are invited to participate in a skills development programme, they are given kits to start small projects from their homes to assist in generating an income to sustain their families.