The CDP believes that schools play a central role in developing the value system that guides a nation. Our organization uses different arts methodologies to create an awareness of these values and create a space for learners to freely develop an attachment to their country through the arts.

The CDP Trust facilitates the following projects in the schools unit:

  • Arts and culture educator training
  • Gauteng children's carnival
  • Human rights education through arts
  • Artists in schools
  • National symbols
  • Schools holiday projects

Arts and Culture Educator Training:

Gauteng Carnival:

The CDP has been part of numerous National and Provincial Curriculum Policy development initiatives since 1996. Training is provided through a two weeks course of multi-disciplinary arts practice and methodology, critique and planning for implementation, commissioned by government departments for educators ranging from Grade R/Foundation Phase to Senior Phases. The result has been a substantial increase in the enthusiasm of school heads and educators ensuring access to creative learning in the schools.

The Gauteng Carnival makes it possible for the CDP to bring together a number of schools annually in preparation for the Carnival. Young artists, learners and educators come together and work collaboratively in the design and making of masks and costumes; exploring cultural and environmental issues. Learners are also exposed to the elements and principles art. The process is an innovative, creative investigation into the transformation of recycled materials.