The Women Make their Mark Programmes focus on women activists. The Programme gives creative voice in the visual arts to women activists, centering on issues of gender and patriarchy, women's rights; and towards building advocacy and transforming women's lives.

The programme consists of the following projects:

  • Naledi Ya Meso (the morning star shines brightest)
  • Arts As Advocacy
  • Arts as Econonic Liberation (Teach a women to fish)
  • Train the Trainer

Naledi YaMeso:

Art as Advocacy:

Aims to teach women who work with women's groups to engage directly in the creative arts as expressive vehicles for transformation. Participants learn to use a range of visual media to explore, understand, and give testimony to their own experiences of our gendered environment. They gain confidence, knowledge and skills to speak out, they claim and protect their rights, strengthen their roles as leaders, and work towards becoming creators of public advocacy media around issues affecting their lives. They further learn to transfer these skills to other women they work with; building women's healing and growth.

This course aims to empower organisations and individuals particularly women who are involved in social justice and feminist struggles by encouraging them to explore, and voice their own experiences and struggles. It creates a space for women to act with self-determination, in a society which consistently silences and "others" women. Through this project, women can redefine their own understanding, examine their roles and realities and put forward their demands. The project also provides a platform for women to build their advocacy capacity: to educate, inform and mobilise women and society as a whole, around particular issues and demands.