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Maths and Science Through Art And Culture

Creative and Innovative Approaches to Exploring Complex Concepts

The visual arts, maths and the sciences involve many of the same concepts. In maths, dimension, sequencing, shape, scale, measurement, weight and estimating are some. In the sciences knowledge of the human body; anatomy and physiology, the chemistry of colour and light, observing, interpreting phenomenon, invention, critical investigation and an openess to the new and unexpected; the common factors are endless.

“Show me a great scientist, and I’ll show you a great artist!”
This resource book enables learners to:
  • Understand and apply concepts
  • Make informed decisions and think critically
  • Discover with joy how the world around them works through creative exploration
  • Learn about the natural environment and how to care for it
  • Approach learning from different points of view
ECD Grade R – Foundation Phase
A4, full colour
176 pages
ISBN 978-0620-48832-7

UNICEF sponsored printing and the Maths and Science through Arts and Culture may be sold. Copies are available on request while we still have stock.