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Naledi Ya Meso

After seven years of designing and delivering programmes for women, each leading to further levels of training, CDP Trust has produced two resource books. The programmes that culminated in the resources are the Tsogang Basadi (Women survivors of gender-based violence), the Naledi YaMeso (Women in Leadership Training), and the ARTasADVOCACY (advocacy media communications & production for Feminist Activists)

The programmes are designed to promote an understanding of the complexities of our gendered society and articulating their responses through expressive arts forms. The women are more able to make life changing decisions, demand their rights and strengthen their voices in protest at the endemic abuse and violence against women.

The focus is largely on feminist studies, deconstructing gender stereotyping, the institutions and culture of our patriarchal society, and the gendered context of HIV and AIDS. The primary aim is the transference of knowledge and creative arts interventions into programmes led by the participants in support other women, and the making of powerful advocacy media!

The resources are a tribute to the voices of women who speak up against Sexual and Gender Based Violence, enabling safe and creative spaces for women’s self-determination to grow, and to a society that respects and protects our rights.

* The resources are now available as the participating women’s organisations have tested them for transferability.
Social Justice and Women’s Organisations
A4, full colour
155 pages
ISBN 978-0-620-48831-0