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Making Teaching and Learning Resources from Recycled Materials

The resource book is a richly illustrated, hands on guide for transforming recycled and found materials into innovative, creative learning and teaching resources. Although the focus of the book is on making the resources, it also includes new ideas for storing them, especially where space is limited.

The resource:
  • Moves teaching and learning away from commonly used stereotypes and unproductive practices like duplication of pictures for young learners to colour in!
  • Promotes a learner-centred approach to discovery;
  • Draws on South African arts and their cultural forms and traditional games;
  • Takes you through processes for making various style puppets for storytelling and performing;
  • Presents stimulating ideas such as setting up book corners where young learners make their own choices;
  • Stimulates ideas for learning about time, health and safety, nature studies, counting, sorting, and many more creative ways to make resources for developing young learners’ creative engagement and integrated holistic learning;
  • Covers making you own storage units, and so much more!
ECD Grade R – Foundation Phase
A4, full colour
76 pages
ISBN 978-0-620-48841-9