Ideas for 5 minute patterning activity

Young children love patterns. In fact, when children play freely, pattern play is what they choose to do more than any other kind of play. Body percussion is an effective fun and exciting way for children to learn about patterns.

  • clapping and other rhythm patterns clap pat- clap clap slap (pause) clap clap slap (pause)    
  • actions - hop, hop, kick, turn, hop, hop, kick, turn (dances with sequential movement patterns – traditional games often include this)
  • drama activities – make yourself big, make yourself small, turn around, make yourself big, make yourself small, turn around, 
  • line up at the door in patterns - boy, girl, boy, girl
  • create colour patterns with materials - red crayon, blue crayon, red crayon, blue crayon or use coloured beads with pattern cards
  • pattern block patterns -hexagon, hexagon, triangle, hexagon, hexagon, triangle...