10 cost free alternatives to paint that you will easily find in your home

Painting is a wonderful activity for parents and caregivers because it appeals to multi senses it involves seeing , which gives us an opportunity to teach children different colours as well as touching which will allow children to touch and explore different textures.
Painting appeals to children of all ages and it is also fun. There are plenty of resources we can find in our homes, waste and even kitchens. Below is a list of alternatives to paint which you can easily find in your home

Tip: you can Add flour or salt to these, in order to thicken paint.

1.      Water after cooking : Beetroot Water Spinach water Pumpkin water Onion skins
2.      Tea Coffee
3.      Juices: Mulberry juice, plant juices
4.      Food Colouring
5.      Flower
6.      Washing blue jeans
7.      Charcoal
8.      Mud
9.      Glue
10. Vaseline mixed with mud, coffee, turmeric or curry

These can be stored in airtight containers for long periods and can be thickened with salt or flour