An introduction to creative beginnings

“Creativity is an energy inside all of us. We use our creativity to express how we feel about our lives, to make sense of our world and to find meaning.” (Creative Beginnings)
As humans, our urge to create has always been strong. Our earliest ancestors carved and painted on cave walls. For thousands of years, people all over the world have used natural materials around them to carve sculptures, to paint, to weave cloth, and to make jewellery and pottery. Many of these artworks were made for spiritual purposes and have symbolic meaning. Even the most functional objects, such as a bowl or head rest, were beautifully decorated with meaningful symbols
Even in the harshest living conditions today, people use their creativity to express themselves, to transform their environment and to rise above their difficulties. Many people make use of waste materials and found objects to decorate their homes and surroundings and to make functional objects that they need or to generate an income. 

Young children express their creativity freely without inhibition. 
Children play, dance, act, sing, tell stories, make things and rearrange their world daily. They use all their senses to explore their environment and discover the wonder of life. They are curious and open and they live in the moment.  They have a strong belief in their own powers of creativity and are not held back by fears or negativity. They do not compare themselves to others or worry about failure. They express themselves freely without concern for what others think.